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We offer following services:

* Implementation of quality management systems
* Internal audits and preparation for ISO certifications
* Mediation (conflict management)
* Moderation of risk analyses
* System modelling according to Vester (together with Progress Management AG)

Services in detail:

Implementation of management systems according to ISO 9001:2008, BSV-IV 2000, SA 8000 and combination of these standards

Moderation of risk analyses based on ZHA, FMEA, HAZOP, EN ISO 14971 (medical devices), ISO 12100:2010

Internal audits based on the requirement of the standards above or based on the requirements of the company

Certification audits based on ISO 9001:2008 and BSV-IV 2000

Mediation (conflict management) in companies, NGO’s and in administration

Sustainability and eco-efficiency analyses

System Analysis based on Vester

regardingAbout us

Consultrix GmbH was founded in 2001 by Claudia Stieger and Michael Madjar to offer services regarding management systems, business ethics, value management and conflict management (mediation). Claudia Stieger left the company in 2008. Albert Kleeli replaced her from January 2008 until December 2010 as new business partner.

Our mission

* We work with mutual respect
* We support the development of our clients
* We create added value by supporting the strength of our clients
* We work out transparent contracts
* We improve our system continuously
* We look for an open and honest communication
* We respect our safety
* We celebrate our success and the success of our clients

About Dr. Michael Madjar

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Finance (Universities Zürich and Basel)
  • Post diploma course Mediation at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Ethics at the University Zürich 
  • Quality Management education (Qualicon, Switzerland)
  • Thesis and graduation as Ph.D. at the ETH Zürich and at Roche Basel
  • Engineering studies at the ETH Zürich (Process Engineering)

Company Experiences

Quality Management

  • More than 500 audits in production & service industry and social institutions
  • Internal Auditor at SGS-ICS Zürich
  • Responsible for the quality management at SGS-ICS Zürich (1997-2000)
  • Consultancy in an social institution (2003-2006)

Social Management

  • 6 certification audit and 6 compliance audits in the field of SA 8000
  • Consulting in the field of ethical supply-chain-management


  • Member of a Risk Analysis team at Roche and Ciba
  • Analysing of the safety situation at SGS Switzerland (EKAS regulation)

Mediation (Conflict Management)

  • Performing of a mediation in a production company
  • Carrying out of a conflict seminar in a NGO


  • Life Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Consumption (see "Dokumente")


  • System analysis (together with Progress Management AG)

System analysis

Two system modelling based on the tool from Vester

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